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Victoria Garden

Richmond, Virginia

Permaculture Prescription for Victorian House

Victoria Garden was originally envisioned as series of raised garden beds that would be shared by immediate neighbors. The open corner lot adjacent to its 1895 house’s adjoining property was a popular play field for many years to neighborhood kids. In its next incarnation as a garden, the property will not only serve as a learning and edible garden but also an oasis for pollinator insects, birds, and other wildlife. Perennial beds serve as Tree Guilds where plants and insects work together to support bird life and soil health, and provide tasty fruit.

The gardens are irrigated with 2800 gallons of capacity from rainwater that falls on the roof of the house. It is captured from downspouts and filters that feed a 1500 gallon cistern and a narrow 1000 gallon pond that runs the length of the garden and serves the soaker irrigation system automated with rain and temperature sensors and controls. All site lighting is 12 volt LED, with the majority integrated within landscape elements.

As an homage to the original 1895 site fencing, custom rails and cedar posts encircle the property along with iron gates and galvanized wire panel sections woven with cedar wood strips. Materials such as concrete demolished on site were repurposed as pavers to cover the cistern. Soapstone for the ponds and parking pavers came direct-from-quarry via Alberene Soapstone of Schuyler, Virginia. Permeable stone dust covers the remaining site that is not planted with perennial natives or annuals.


Completed: 2016