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Lightwalk, 1708 Gallery

Richmond, Virginia

Off-grid, solar powered, LED-driven fiber-optic lighting

Part of inLight Richmond Competition which asked entrants to use light to respond to the existing urban infrastructure, bringing art out of the gallery or museum and inserting it into the cultural fabric of the city, inviting artists and audiences alike to explore a specific urban environment in creative, engaging and playful ways.

Model of lighting system showing solar panels on the roof and fiber optic panels below

The entry is a  demonstration project of off-grid functional lighting system for lighting public sidewalks.

The lighting consists of eight 2’x2’ concrete panels with embedded acrylic filaments. But instead of these filaments serving just as reinforcement (along with metal reinforcing), they are extended out of the paver in a bundle and into a remote light source that is powered by Solar Panels on the roof. Since there are no electrical components in the concrete pavers and no degradable parts or elements, there are no additional maintenance ramifications or future demolition considerations necessary.

The solar pavers are high strength concrete with fiber reinforcing that also are able to transmit light from a remote source. The remote light source is a 24 VDC, 5-25 Watt LED light source installed in the storefront of 1708 Gallery. The light source draws less than 2-amperes of current and is solar powered through photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof with a 24-volt battery system. The battery storage capacity allows for a dusk to dawn supply of artificial light.

Completed: 2009