Seeking clients who share our vision and passion for sustainability.

But this doesn’t mean you need to be a vegan, electric car driver to make a case for sustainable design. We work with folks at all levels of the green ladder and enjoy teaching and learning about ways to make the best environmental cases for each approach. We work WITH clients and consultants by managing the project at multiple scales and disciplines. We thrive on solving difficult problems by working in cooperation rather than competition to tie each of the needs and aspirations of a design into a coherent and interconnected whole. We know how to listen and learn from our clients and collaborators without preconceived notions of the solution.You will see familiar, consistent themes in our approach but solutions that are specific to each project.

Full Scale Architecture principal, Scott James Kyle, AIA, LC, LEED, spent his early years exploring salt and freshwater environments of the Florida Keys and Everglades. He came to architecture by way of engineering and a love for problem solving, believing that architecture was the best use of his talent to solve the mounting environmental problems he could no longer ignore. During his graduate studies he developed a focus in architecture and its role in navigation, how buildings can actually teach us about their environment while providing the basic functions of protection and comfort. After interning for a summer detailing Whole Foods prep kitchen designs in Austin, he found his way to Atlanta in the late 1990s to receive his early training at one of the few design firms practicing sustainable design and winning design awards for their work, Lord Aeck Sargent. He came to Richmond in 2001 for his wife Catherine’s Graduate Sculpture studies at VCU and has called it home ever since. Scott started a firm specialization in sustainable design at BCWH, his first job in Richmond, and worked to incorporate sustainability into office practices as well as in many buildings he was both designer and project manager on. He was also instrumental in starting several green-minded organizations (GVGBC, COTE, Green Drinks).

Scott has been practicing architecture for for nearly 18 years, through which he has been a stalwart proponent of ecological design and building principles. He considers himself a generalist, a conservationist, cautiously optimistic and open-minded about new technologies and ideas, diplomatic, and, for better or worse, authentic. He does have a sense of humor.

Scott’s portfolio includes high efficiency LED lighting design, master planning, architectural programming, web design, design and project management of a $50 million new school to a $250k homeless shelter renovation, residential design and planning, and several solar thermal/electric installations.

Scott has an abiding respect for nature and a keen understanding of materials, lighting with and without electricity, and the environmental behavioral effects of buildings on their inhabitants and users, that helps to balance other project imperatives and concerns. By knowing how to listen and learn from his clients he is able to apply a systems-level sustainable approach to help bring his client’s hope to reality.

Scott is still renovating an 1895 farmhouse in Richmond’s Museum District with his wife Catherine.